Conference – Shipping, Forwarding & Logistics Meet Industry

Agenda Conference

Shipping, Forwarding & Logistics meet Industry – Seaside Edition 2022

Thursday 27th October, Auditorium Acquario di Genova

Speeches will be held in Italian. Translation into English will be provided for foreign guests.


9 - 9.40 AM

Extraordinary Genoa. From splendor to rebirth, from Rubens to digital

One of the capitals of the Mediterranean and of Europe seen from the eyes of those who have found themselves choosing it as a permanent or periodic location for their work and initiatives. A series of testimonies straddling the extraordinary legacy of the past and the exciting prospects of the future.

Institutional greetings
Francesca Corso, Councilor for Territorial Marketing, Youth Policies, Discomfort and Loneliness, Equal Opportunities, Animals, Municipality of Genoa

Moderated and introduced by 
Riccardo Fuochi, President, The International Propeller Club – Port of Milan

Giacomo Montanari, Art Historian  
Andrés Blázquez Ceballos, Chief Executive Officer, Genoa Cricket and Football Club
Contramm. Sergio Liardo, Maritime Director, Capitaneria di Porto Genova
Francesco Maresca, Councilor for Heritage, Port, Sea and Fishing, Municipality of Genoa

9.40 - 11.30 AM

The Ligurian port and logistics system

Liguria and its ports concentrate an important share of the traffic by sea arriving and leaving our Country: not only containers, but also dry and wet bulk, ferries and ro-ro with direct loads to and from a vast territory and of pre-eminent economic importance, from the rear ports of Lower Piedmont to Switzerland and beyond.

Main topics:

  • Liguria is the gateway to Italy and Europe
  • Ports and traffic: containers, bulk cargoes, breakbulk, ro-ro
  • The maritime connections available in Ligurian ports and the protagonists
  • Terrestrial connections

Matteo Cantile, Journalist, Primocanale

Introductory speech
Andrea Benveduti, Councilor for Economic Development, Liguria Region

The Municipality of Genoa for companies: the Business Unit
Mario Mascia,
Councilor for Urban Planning, Maritime Property, Economic Development, Municipality of Genoa
Davide Falteri, Delegated representative for new business settlements in the area, Municipality of Genoa

Global congestion: knots are loosening        
Alessandro Panaro, Head of Maritime & Energy Department, SRM

Ligurian ports and types of traffic: Genoa and Savona 
Laura Ghio
, Port Planning and Work Service, Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority

Port of La Spezia: the green and digital port
Federica Montaresi, Head of Special Projects, Innovation and Institutional Relation, Eastern Ligurian Sea Port Authority

Title TBA
Alessandro Laghezza
, President, Laghezza

The maritime connections available 
Alessandro Pitto
, President, Fedespedi 

The land connections of the Ligurian ports and the remote logistical hub system
Giovanni Satta, Lecturer, University of Genoa 

Switzerland: an asset for the Ligurian Port & Logistic Hubs          
Roberta Cippà Cavadini, Owner, Cippà Trasporti and Member, National Board of Spedlogswiss

11.30AM - 1 PM

New development prospects for the Genoese logistics hub

Genoa does not stand still, not even from a logistical point of view. New physical and digital connections are strengthening its place as originator and destination of traffic. Two recent and fully developing initiatives promise to give it new roles also from the point of view of air cargo and processing.

Main topics:

  • La Green Logistics Valley
  • The air cargo
  • The Third Pass and extendend distripark
  • Digital connections

Introduces and moderates
Giampaolo Botta, General Manager, Spediporto

Green Logistics Valley: a new perspective for Valpolcevera
Andrea Giachero
, President, Spediporto

The single project: Terzo Valico, Genoa junction and Campasso 
Calogero Mauceri, Extraordinary Commissioner, Terzo Valico

Smart Port, the beating heart of the smart city
Gabriele Rossi, B2B Technology Services Director, WindTre

Title TBA 
Luca Abatello, CEO, Circle Group

The Ligurian digital hub
Alfredo Viglienzoni
, Director of Technology, Digitization and Smart City Department, Municipality of Genoa

1.00 pm – 2.15 pm Networking lunch (Restaurant Il Marin, Eataly) by invitation only


2.30 - 5.00 PM

Fresh food shipping and logistics in Liguria

Reefer traffic arriving and departing from Ligurian ports is a growing phenomenon that brings with it important developments in terms of infrastructure and skills, as well as the opening of new markets and commercial relationships. In this context, fundamental components are intermodal vehicles, from trailers and semi-trailers to containers.

Main topics:

  • The maritime traffic of fresh and chilled food
  • Reefer infrastructures
  • Rail trailers and containers
  • The fleet of refrigerated trailers in Liguria and Italy
  • The intermodal reefer terminals

Giuseppe Guzzardi
, Editor Manager, Casa Editrice La Fiaccola

Can fresh food be transported by train?
Michele Silvestri, Supply Chain Manager, Molkerei Muller Italy

The park of refrigerated trailers in Italy and in Liguria: OITAF White Paper 

Clara Ricozzi, President, Interdisciplinary Observatory for Food and Drug Transport
Data display

Tiziana Altieri, Deputy Director, Vie&Trasporti Magazine

The intermodal reefer terminals 
Giuseppe Acquaro


6 PM

The Rubens and Genoa Exhibition, Palazzo Ducale

Special guided tour by invitation only

8 PM

Networking Dinner, Terrazza Colombo

Event by invitation only